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Scientology vs Wikileaks

Repost from describes itself as "an uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis. Our primary interest is in exposing oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, but we also expect to be of assistance to people of all regions who wish to reveal unethical behavior in their governments and corporation". In recent years it has stood up against the US government, Swiss bankers, African dictators, and more. Most recently, it has faced a new enemy: the money-hungry cult known as the Church of Scientology.

On 9th March 2008, Wikileaks released the personal file of Frank Oliver, formerly of the Church of Scientology's infamous Office of Special Affairs. The role of the OSA is to monitor critics and other potential problems for the cult and take action against them where necessary - including harassment and intimidation under the Church's notorious "Fair Game" policy.

A few weeks later, on 24th March, Wikileaks published full versions of the Operating Thetan documents. These documents form the elite levels of the cult's "Bridge to Total Freedom," and would ordinarily cost a Scientologist at least US $277,010 to work through, and include the story of Xenu among other "secret" doctrines.

Three days later the Church of Scientology issued a legal threat to Wikileaks, demanding they remove the Church's copyright material from its website. While Wikileaks has not complied, this legal threat does demonstrate that the documents are genuine.

In a statement rejecting the Church of Scientology's demand that the OT documents be removed, Wikileaks also promised to reveal "thousands" of other classified Church documents in the coming weeks. Some have already been revealed, including:

- Children's Security Check. A "Sec Check" is a procedure carried out by the Church of Scientology to interrogate members who they suspect of harbouring ill thoughts towards the cult. In addition to weeding out troublemakers, information is collected on a person's most embarrassing and personal secrets, which may then be used to blackmail them at a later date. The children's version includes questions such as "Who have you made guilty?", "Have you ever tried to make others believe that your parents, or teachers,
were cruel to you?" and "Have you ever cried when you shouldn't have?"

- The Johannesburg Confessional. Another Sec Check as with the above, developed specifically for Apartheid South Africa. Includes such wonders as "Have you ever been involved in an abortion?", "Have you ever slept with a member of a race of another color?" and "Have you ever been a spy for the Police?".

- UK tax returns for 2005 and 2006

- The order which created Scientology's forced labour system, the Rehabilitation Project Force.

More documents are likely on the way - keep checking back.

Further info:
- Scientology threatens Wikileaks with injunction,
- Leaked documents,
- Upcoming pickets,
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